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Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Tours

Join Rabbi Josh, licensed guide and Talmud Scholar for your tour of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Rabbi Josh guides individuals, families and groups throughout Israel. Whether you are interested in spirituality, archeology, contemporary religious communities, or a breathtaking hike off the beaten-path to see Biblical sites in the Jerusalem forest, Josh will reveal for you the hidden gems of the Holy Land.

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Shtisel Uncensored

An insider's view of Jerusalem's Ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods

Jerusalem at the Golden Hour

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Western Wall and Al Aksa at sunrise

Along the Seams

The rich diversity of Jewish Jerusalem in Nachlaot and the Machaneh Yehuda market

Via Delarosa, the Jewish story

Mount of Olives, the Old City's Muslim and Christian quarters

Chulnt, Yapchik and Streimels

Meah Shearim at midnight

From King David to King Herod
From Prehistoric Jaffa to Start-Up-Nation

City of David, Davidson Archeological Gardens, Western Wall

Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism in Today's Jerusalem
2000 Years of Longing

Nachlaot and Rechavia

The Old City's Jewish Quarter

Jaffa, American Quarter, Neveh Tsedek, Rothschild Blvd

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