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• Josh's beautiful home is located several minutes from the center of Jerusalem, and can accommodate up to 40 guests

• Groups of all religious backgrounds welcome. We specialize in Christian, Jewish, Interfaith, as well as non-religious and dual-narrative groups.

• Rabbi Josh speaks fluent English, German and Hebrew as well as good French 

• Ample parking, easy access for tour buses

• Vegetarian and gluten free menus available upon request

• Dinner lasts 1.5-2 hours


(dishes vary seasonally)

Fresh challah and a king's feast of Israeli salads and dips inspired by that day's visit to Jerusalem's iconic Machaneh Yehuda market.

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Golden chicken pumpkin soup with matzah balls. Vegetarian lentil and tomato soup.


Our family specialty: Steaming home-smoked pastrami and slow-cooked date-and-wine beef stew served over a bed of Moroccan rice crowned with cranberries and almonds.

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Homemade 3-ingredient chocolate truffles and home-baked date walnut cake


Drinks include unlimited wine and Josh's own line of limoncello and delightful flavored liquors.

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Rabbi Josh

is an Orthodox rabbi, Talmud scholar, documentary filmmaker, registered tour guide and specialty chef at Jerusalem’s iconic Tmol Shilshom restaurant.

Join Josh for a spectacular feast of homemade Israeli food. Over dinner, Rabbi Josh answers your questions about Judaism and Israel. Hear his riveting personal journey, how the son of a German Catholic mother became an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi.  

Over the past 30 years, Rabbi Josh and his family have hosted thousands of guests from a wide array of religions and national backgrounds: Mennonites from Pennsylvania, Jews from Turkey, Pentecostal Christians from Sweden, Muslims from Azerbaijan, law students from Harvard and the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. And we hope our next guest will be YOU!

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