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Tourism with Depth

Rabbi Josh is an Orthodox rabbi and educator with over 25 years teaching experience. He is also a popular public speaker for tourist groups from around the world; Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, secular, and Jewish. He is a Talmud scholar with an advanced degree in Jewish history and a strong background in Christian texts.

Rabbi Josh will answer all your questions and provide a context for the Jewish traditions you will encounter in Israel.

Lectures are between 1-1.5 hours and take place either at Rabbi Josh’s charming Jerusalem home (with coffee, tea and homemade pastries) or at any Jerusalem location of your choosing.


Q&A with Rabbi Josh: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Jews and Judaism but Were Afraid to Ask.

Everybody has a question they would like to ask an Orthodox Rabbi. What do Jews think of Jesus? What do sidelocks represent? What do Jews believe about the coming of the Messiah? This is your opportunity to ask all your questions and receive clear, honest answers. Rabbi Josh will explain the differences between the many kinds of religious Jews you will meet on the streets of Jerusalem -what they wear, what they believe and what makes them unique.

Judaism 101: Introduction to Jewish Holidays, Holy Books, and Ritual Objects

Join Rabbi Josh for an insiders’ view of the ritual objects and classic texts of traditional Judaism. Rabbi Josh will provide a fascinating and scholarly introduction to the historical and spiritual significance of the different Jewish ritual objects that you will glimpse at the Western Wall, on the streets of the Old City, and in Jewish homes all over the world: tefillin, tallit, mezuza, shofar, Talmud, menorah, the Passover haggada etc.

Talmud Study Session  with Rabbi Josh

After the Bible, the Talmud is the greatest text of the Jewish intellectual tradition. The Talmud contains 63 volumes of discussion and debate on every topic from theology and philosophy to Jewish practice and Biblical commentary. Rabbi Josh will take you through a page of Talmud, explain how it was composed, what it contains, and introduce you to the frequently and surprisingly contemporary debates it tackles. 

Join Rabbi Josh for a brief study session on a topic of your choice.

Suggested Talmud-Study Topics
  1. Waiting for the Messiah: Messianism as understood in the Talmud

  2. Conversion: Transitioning from gentile to Jew.

  3. Introduction to Jewish Prayer: 3 times a day, every day. 

  4. Universalism and Particularism: The God of the Jews, the Lord of the Universe, or both? 

  5. Holiness in Time: The sanctity of Shabbat  

  6. Introduction to Jewish holidays: The inside scoop on Passover, Channukah, Rosh Hashanah and beyond. 

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