Chef Rabbi Josh


About Josh

Combining his passion for food, people and Jerusalem, Rabbi Josh Weisberg has been introducing guests and students to Jerusalem’s culinary, historical and spiritual secrets for the past 2 decades.

Born in Canada to a German Catholic mother and Jewish American father, Josh has made his home in Jerusalem where he and his wife, blogger and author Chana Jenny Weisberg ( live with their eight children. 

When he isn’t spending time with family or teaching Talmud, Rabbi Josh is busy cooking, entertaining and inspiring his guests at Jerusalem’s iconic Tmol Shilshom Restaurant (home of one of Lonely Planet’s 10 best breakfasts in the world!) and hosting groups of tourists in his beautiful Jerusalem home. 

Book your private five course dinner with Chef Rabbi Josh and enjoy an enchanted, delicious and inspiring meal! Availability is limited so book soon.


About the Food 

Rabbi Josh lives a few minutes from Jerusalem's open air farmers market, "Machaneh Yehuda." It is here, among the stalls of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, the world's best halva and ruglach, that Josh decides on the menu for your meal.

At Machaneh Yehuda, everything is fresh, everything is delicious.

Your meal begins with fresh local sourdough breads and a king's feast of Israeli salads and dips inspired by that day's visit to the market. The soup course consists of Chana Jenny's famous chicken pumpkin soup with matsah balls. For the main course, Josh combines culinary traditions, serving a slow-stewed beef Hungarian goulash over a bed of Moroccan rice prepared with cranberries, carrots, spices and almonds. In a nod to his German heritage, Josh serves a side dish of home-smoked pastrami, homemade saurkraut and sour pickles. Vegetarians enjoy a hearty Canadian lentil squash soup and the quintessentially Israeli shakshuka. For desert, feast on a plate of sugar-free chocolate truffles, hot rugelach, halvah and seasonal fruit. 


Dinner with Josh includes a l'chaim over  homemade limoncello, date arak and home-brewed beer. 

A Chef who is also a Talmud Scholar?

"As delicious as the food was, the highlight of our dinner with Rabbi Josh was the  conversation. We had never been invited to an Orthodox Jewish home before -and here we felt like part of the family!"


"We learned so much about Judaism and Israel. All from an intimate, insider's perspective. We asked questions about everything!"

"We haven't been able to stop talking about all we learned from Rabbi Josh."

"This is why we came to Israel. We didn't want to be just tourists. We wanted to be able to ask questions and engage with  ideas."

Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask a Rabbi? This is your opportunity! 

As a Rabbi and Talmud Scholar, Josh has been teaching Talmud and Bible for 20 years. He has become a sought after speaker for Christian, Jewish, interfaith and non-denominational groups. 

Over the years, Rabbi Josh and his family have hosted Mennonites from Pennsylvania, Evangelical Christians from Sweden, Muslim Pilgrims from Indonesia, Law students from Harvard, interfaith groups from California, and half the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.


Contact Rabbi Josh TEL: +972525665728