Dinner With Rabbi Josh



Reserve a five course dinner with Chef Rabbi Josh on any night of the week. Dinner lasts approximately two hours.


Josh has extensive experience with Christian, Jewish interfaith and non religious groups of all nationalities.


Over dinner, Rabbi Josh speaks on a wide range of topics -from his riveting personal story to an explanation of Jewish tradition to an introduction to the Talmud. And you can ask all your questions!

Rabbi Josh speaks fluent English and German. For Chinese groups Rabbi Josh works with Ting Ariella Shi, an observant Jew born in Kai Feng, China.

Josh's beautiful home is located several minutes from the center of Jerusalem, and can accommodate up to 35 guests. Availability  is limited, with preference given to groups of 20+.

The street has ample parking  with easy access for tour buses.

Vegetarian and gluten free menus  available upon request.

CONTACT RABBI JOSH for pricing and availability

For an additional fee, Jerusalem portrait and landscape photographer Yaal Herman is available to photograph your experience.

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